Thursday, 4 July 2013

How to Register a Credit co-op. Society in India

Steps of Registration of a Credit co-op. Society or An Employees co-operative society

1)  Make a Group of members

For Registoring a credit society make a group of 100 persons. collect e.g. 1000 rupees from each as application money.

2) Open a bank account

Then Deposite that amount in bank with a proposed name of society 
e.g. vayak Credit co-op. soc. (Proposed) as the name of bank Account.

3) Now Apply for Registration with Distict Ragistrar office.

Now Go to Distict Ragistrar office and take Soc. Registration Form it is also called as LEAFLET "U"
fill up all details in it and submit it with all necessary documents.

4) Detail Required in form are. 

Name of Credit society, Detail of member,Shares, Annual meeting, Share Transfer, All kind of Formats, Book of Account of Society etc.

5) Appoint a consultant

If you are not aware of the process then appoint a good consultant for this, or contact to
Devang Vayak at Ahmedabad. He can help you in process.

6) Buy a Best software for your society

in the process of registration and keeping Account of your society is very important.
and doing this thing manualy is very old age concept and tidious process.
So buy a software for your employees or credit co-op. society form VAYAK TECHNOLOGY is best idea.

7) what credit co-op. software covers.

It Covers Member, Share, Dividend, Loan, F.D., R.D., M.R., C.S., Insurence, MLM, Accounts.
Reports and so many things for more detail.....

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