Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MLM Software for credit co-op society

MLM System in Co-op. Credit Society in India.

What is MLM

MLM means "Multi-Level Marketing". in Credit society it means open new account by chain of agents with level wise commission.

How MLM works in credit Society

Generally in Credit Society take deposit from public in the form of opening new account in Recurring Deposit, Daily Deposit, & Fix Deposit A/c. Some society do it Directly, some appoint agent for opening new accounts. and Some Use chain of agent to open new account in short time. in this system one agent can appoint agents under him, then that agent will open new agent under him and that will open new agent under him this way a big chain is created and each agent how open a account get commission and agent how is above that agent that all agent will get commission level wise as decided by society. this way a big structure of agents and account are created which is difficult to manage manually and so a best software is required for manage this whole process.

Software Require For MLM in Credit Co-op. Society

Every credit society how wise to develop fast business with MLM should select best software for credit society with MLM system Software is best Indian software for credit society used by more then 1300 Society for there financial and management task. It also contain MLM modual. where you can calculate Agent Collection Commission as well as MLM Commission very easily. for more detail visit to 

Registration of Multi-State co-op. credit society

Friday, 10 May 2013

Take care of following things. Before Buying Credit Co-op. Society Software.

Steps of Purchasing Credit Co-op. Society Software

1) Software company must have at least more then 5 to 10 years of experience for developing software for credit & co-op. society software. Otherwise you may suffer from many problems in software.

2) company must have satisfied co-op. clients more then 500. and that company should maintain that software since long time.

3) Many software fails because of bad services and incomplete software. I have a list of more then 250 societies who have purchase software but they failed because of bad services and incomplete software.

4) Go to Specialist Software is one time investment, So go to specialist having maximum experience in co-op. soc. software and not other type of software. 

5) Service & Support- Check that party will give you support for more then 10 year or not, Otherwise don't buy software even they offer software free of cost. As it's a financial institute it can not change software Evey day or month. It must go for standard software only.

6) in India Best software - VAYAK Technology- For co-op. Society in India Vayak has computerised more then 1300 co-op. client and having 18+ years of experience. So you can visit for more detail.

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